– Deliverables


DEV1.1 Consortium Meetings and Minutes

  • Kick-off meeting

DEV1.2 Project Handbook: Project guidelines

DEV1.3 Risk Assessment Report


DEV2.1 Report “Comprehensive overview of existing cyber security models and industry 4.0 potentials in Montenegro” (link)

DEV2.2 Report “Existing Information Model for Data, Services and Processes on Digital services” (link)

DEV2.3 Report “Legal Issues for the Digital services: existing approaches and challenges” (link)


DEV 5.1 Dissemination Strategy and Exploitation Plan

Version 1.0

– Scientific publications

Graduation thesis “Modern technologies and industry 4.0”

student: Jelena Vidmar

mentor: Prof.dr Ivana Ognjanović

defended on: 30th September 2020

Specialised thesis “Methods for controlling access to computer systems and networks using network barriers

student: Edi Salić (student ID: 17/004szp)

mentor: Prof.dr Ramo Šendelj

defended on: 30th June 2020

  • AM Anđić, R Šendelj, I Ognjanović, Cyber Security Analysis of the Electric Power Information System in Montenegro, In: Karabegović I. (eds) New Technologies, Development and Application III. NT 2020. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 128. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-46817-0_50
  • Igor Ognjanović, R.Šendelj, I.Ognjanović, Towards Development of Comprehensive Framework for Evaluation of Potential Consequences of Cyber-Attacks, in Lect. Notes in Networks, Syst., Vol. 142, Samir Avdakovic et al: ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, SYSTEMS, AND APPLICATIONS V, 978-3-030-54764-6, 494075_1_En (accepted for publishing)
– Promotional activities
  • Promotion at RTCG1 (live streaming) (published on: 30th September 2020)
  • Promotion at UDG web site (link) (published on: 10th July 2020)
  • Promotion at LinkedIn (link) (published on: 22nd June 2020)
  • Ministry of Science Montenegro (link) (published on: 17th March 2020)